Saturday, October 2

Letter from Mecca

Dear Hafiz Sahib,
Hope you are fine.
I have been thinking of writing you for the last many days. Though I am very busy in the office, but I could not stop myself. You being in Medina gives me a feeling that I am there too. (Sorry I am 'unable' to put my idea in the right words.)
However, I am not feeling like I should request you to 'pay my respects there' for I am there too--right in front of him (Peace be Upon Him). Consider me a lost case.
Yaar! Life has not returned to the original state since then.
Just trying to place myself in the scheme of things. May be after one or two 'doings', I might be in the flow. A nefarious idea but not with bad intentions!
Yaar! very frankly, I have not been able to withdraw myself from Mecca and Medina. Sometimes I am in Medina and many-a-time, sitting there and talking to Him. I have committed a blunder. I have left Him there. I should have taken Him with me. While doing Tawwaf-e-Widah, I told Him that I am doing it for the sake of doing as He has commanded it otherwise I am not ready to do it. However, I did that.
Right now I am feeling as if I am sitting at the roof-top of Ka'aba and watching Aamer Waqas doing Tawwaf and roaming around. I can't figure it out.
While driving, I am not driving and the same is applicable to so many other things. Like I am writing, but I am not writing. This is a wonderful feeling because you feel like flying in the air but stationed on ground.
I am more comfortable now. I am a good actor, you should know by now and especially through this mail.
Tells Maliks, sometimes I do miss them. I have two or three fresh jokes of Sardars, but send them when I shall be in 'nasty' mood, that is, my real self.
Pay my salam to Uncle and request him to pray for me. I think I do not need to say any such thing to you.
Take care
Yours truly,
Gul Muhammad

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