Thursday, June 21

Paused for a while!

We are constantly on the move – from home to office and back. We meet the family every day, friends every week or on occasions. Even then, we have lost the connections and relationships. We are nowhere but everywhere. We are with all, but with none. Individuals are no more individuals, walking bodies, awake minds, sleeping hearts, and ironically, we are the humans of the post-modern era. Are we connected with ourselves? I doubt! Do we sit with ourselves? Nay! Where are we? Constantly running to reach somewhere! Still running! Yes! Is it fast-paced life or our general attitude? The wrong gone into us is unfigured. The solution at the moment! We need to be with ourselves after disconnecting from the world – may be for a short while today and everyday.

This time, it’s female MPA

This time it is not a male parliamentarian, rather to jump into the already-boiling fray of irregularities and illegalities by elected representatives is a female MPA Shumaila Rana, who was ‘chosen’ on reserved seats to serve the masses.

The Pakistan Muslim League-N has vowed to fulfil all legal formalities in investigating the case. On the other hand, if found guilty, Shumaila Rana will lose her seat, as no convicted can become a parliamentarian, and stands disqualified as conviction as per the Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution.

Previously, it were MNA Haji Pervaiz Khan from Rawalpindi and Minister Prisons Ch Abdul Ghafoor of the N-League, who indulged in impersonation and acted highhandedly at the Lahore Airport respectively. Interestingly, the MNA lost his seat after a committee found him guilty, and the Minister was given honourable exit from the charges by the PML-N leadership despite the fact that the committee found him guilty on more than two accounts.

Prior to Shumaila Rana’s case, another N-League’s MPA Munawar Gill was indicted in a rape case. He is said to have been found innocent in the case.

Shumaila is the fourth PML-N parliamentarian, who has been found guilty of indulging in a criminal activity.

The first timer to the Punjab Assembly Shumaila Rana, reportedly found guilty of stealing credit card from another female’s bag, and indulging in ‘illegal’ shopping, is member of the Standing Committee on Religious Affairs and Auqaf. Moreover, she is also member of Chief Minister’s Coordination Committee for the Internally Displaced People, which is an offshoot of Punjab Chief Minister’s Fund for the IDPs of NWFP.

Unmarried Shumaila Rana is daughter of Hidayat Ali, and she climbed the ladder of becoming an MPA by virtue of her mother Anjum Ara’s services to the Party, as the latter has been worker of the Party for about two decades.

Anjum Rana, a retired schoolteacher of a private institute, was not a graduate, and after her successful canvassing for her daughter, a reserved seat was given to Shumaila Rana, who is said to be in her mid-20s. She is the first MPA from this family, and has nothing tangible to her credit for which she should have been given the slot.

MPA with humble family background, she has been a vociferous supporter of women rights, and their empowerment. She had also promised to lobby for the charter of demands presented by women farmers recently.

A resident of Bedian Road, Lahore, Shumaila Rana had switched off her mobile, while her residence landline phone was kept continuously busy.

Punjab’s Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Rana Sanaullah Khan said all legal formalities would be actualised in investigating the case. “The Punjab government and Chief Minister always ensure rule of law nor matter how influential is the person. Justice will be ensured and action will be taken as per law,” he said, while further adding that the PML-N would take disciplinary action as well if Shumaila Rana would be proven guilty, and she would be given a change to defend herself.

“Even if the PML-N does take action, like it did not do for Ch Ghafoor and Munawwar Gill, Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan does not allow any person to remain member if ‘he has been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction on a charge of corrupt practice, moral turpitude or misuse of power or authority under any law for the time being in force’” maintained a senior PML-N leader, seeking anonymity, who also opined against the ‘dishing out’ of tickets and nominations sans deep deliberations and scrutiny of the prospective members. “The Sharif brothers came back after about a decade in exile, and were not properly briefed by a few handpicked, who had their own agendas, and family connections to strengthen. Consequently, they indulged in nepotism, and to investigate it, top N-League leadership had already ordered an enquiry,” he said.

To him, Shumaila Rana was also nominated by the Party’s special group of Lahore. About Rana’s future, he was of the opinion that she might lose her seat even if the police did not find her guilty. “To hold the merit-flag high, this lady could be deseated by the PML-N leadership because in cases of Ch Ghafoor and Munawwar Gill, the top leadership seemed to have been hamstrung by unseen circumstances,” he predicted.

Action against five MOs – Not enough

Issuance of the Medico-Legal Certificates is one the worst case scenarios in Pakistan, and the lot of people involved in criminal cases about injuring or killing others, depends on the MLCs and the forensic reports. Most of the times, these are based on fact considering the fact that most of the well-to-do can approach these doctors, who have been repeatedly found on the wrong side of the law.
Their mere transfer and keeping them under ‘watch’ will not solve the problem. Until they apprehend certain action will taken against them if they indulged in certain illegality, they will not mend their ways.
The Health Department, on the report of Enquiry Committee constituted by the Chief Secretary Punjab, has initiated action under disciplinary rules against five medical officers, involved in issuance of illegal medico legal certificates, and immediately transferred them from their present place of posting.
The concerned Executive District Officers (Health) have been directed that not to allow these doctors to work on medico legal or forensic science related cases.
According to the spokesman of the Health Department Dr. Frukh Humayun has been transferred from RHC Phool Nagar Kasur and his services have been placed at the disposal of EDO Health Rajanpur, similarly Dr. Mohammad Hasan transferred from RHC Rinala Khurd and given at the disposal of EDO (H) Layyah. Dr. Bashir Ahmed has been transferred from RHC Ayyazabad Multan and posted in THQ Hospital Hazro, District Attock, Dr. Abdul Haq transferred from RHC Sara-i-Sidhu, Khanewal and given at the disposal of EDO(H) Mianwali whereas Dr. Ashar Masood transferred from THQ Hospital Kabirwala and posted at DHQ Hospital Nanankana Sahib.
The concerned EDOs have been directed to watch the working of the said Medical Officers and if any professional negligence occurred on the part of these doctors it should immediately brought in to the notice of the Secretary Health.
Will it solve the problem? Certainly big NO is the actual reply.

Chief Minister Punjab violates decorum of House

Leader of the House in the Punjab Assembly Shahbaz Sharif was found violating the decorum of the august House, when he was seeing ‘chewing’ something in his mouth.
Vocal and belligerent Opposition member Samina Khawar Hayyat – herself not having a clean chit for violating decorum of the Assembly – pointed it out to the Speaker loudly, “Sir! Leader of the House is chewing chewgum in the House.”
Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal, perhaps turning his blind eye to what was happening on the right side of his chair, replied, “I have not seen that.”
Immediately, senior parliamentarian Sirdar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa was very quick to add, “Sir! He is not chewing chewgum, rather having alaychee (cardamom) in his mouth. However, this was enough to bail the CM out of an awkward situation for the time being.
On the other hand, no one pointed out that the Senior Khosa, as a routine, continues reciting on beads (tasbeeh), which amply hints at the prioritised ‘subject’ for the Chief of the Khosa clan.
Simultaneously, Sirdar Dost Khosa, and another female member from the PML-N Arifa Khalid Pervaiz were also continuing gnaw at something in their mouths.
Generally, chewing of gum in an official ambience is viewed with disfavour. In some cases, it is even considered a disrespectful demeanour. Speaking of Parliaments and legislative bodies, some like the US House of Representatives expressly prohibit eating as also smoking, drinking in the House. Though there does not appear to be any specific provision with respect to chewing gum, where eating is prohibited it should perhaps follow by implication that chewing of gum is also a taboo. Though no specific rule is traceable, the recognised convention in the UK prohibits eating, drinking and smoking in the Houses of Parliament.
Meanwhile, when the Opposition was vigorously fighting for sustaining the cut motions, despite Shahbaz Sharif being in attendance, Treasury members were continuously disturbing their adversaries. When PML-N ladies were heading the move, MPA from Sheikhupura Asghar Ali Manda also started hooting at the Opposition members.
Seeing no end to this despite his repeated futile efforts of keeping the House in order, Rana Iqbal commented, “Munda! Let me complete agenda!”
This brought a big laughter in the House.

Friday, April 29

After a long time ...

I do not exactly remember when I posted anything on my blog. However, I hope to continue. I am missing a person who really made me blog here. "Hey! Ours is a perfect case of being there and being unavailable simultaneously. Who says that we have forgotten each other? We have not and are still there. We both have suffered alone and traversed the longest journeys of our lives, but never communicating. Who stopped us? No one! Who will break the ice? No one! And who will tell both of us that we still need each other? No one.......But we will keep on fighting against odds, both alone in a world divided by implicit boundaries raised by no one but our egos." I believe that we have compartmentalised ourselves. 'You stay your ground and I stay mine. We are there, and we aint.' I am a changed man but for better. No doubt, it is all because of MYSELF and for ME only. We are dreading each other from sitting face to face though there is nothing to be apprehensive about. We know about each other........... where we are and what are we doing? I know you are facing the same old problems, but I have more problems. Interestingly, I cannot share my problems with any one, because those are mine. After these years, I believe no one can understand what I want to say. And probably you have many many people to do that. This depicts your flexibility, and I have become more rigid despite a few years have been added to my life. Many a time, theories are meant for books only and to be appreciated by those who have not tasted life. What else should I say....... I know you will come up with something. Secondly, I am back NIDO and Million Dollar Man in Spain.... NIDO needs interesting write-ups, and MDM is for Heart-To-Heart Talk though 'sells goods of multinational companies and NIDO is from Communication. The former is always looking for H2HTs, while the latter being extremely sensitive keeps up different appearances. Asi! I told you to avoid H2HTs but you fell in a very very deep rather an unfathomable ditch. Now you are desperately trying to reach the brim, while holding on to the weakest of straws artificially clinging to a rot wooden stem. However, you stay steadfast and I assure you success. Enough for today...........

Monday, September 22

Do we have any limit to our intolerance?

Our society, comprising people who are more educated and affluent now, but they are equally intolerant to each other. Over a period, it has been observed that they are becoming more and more intolerant, and quite a few have either become or are on the verge of becoming radicalists. One can meet a lot of well-educated people, working in multinational companies, but they endorse suicide attacks, and are bent upon promoting one sect of Islam, while rejected others all together. In certain cases, they reach the extent of favoring elimination of others, if their insistence upon changing one’s sect does not help in ‘mending or correcting’ them. The religious lot is not only an utter failure rather they have further deepened this division, which is also done in order to have their grip further strengthened by promoting their own agenda of deep hatred so that they could be considered as ‘men of great honour’. On the other hand, our attitude towards family members, both immediate and distant, friends, colleagues and society at large, is if not condemnable then certainly not good, which imparts an impression of a society which by and large an intolerant one. We are not ready to accept others’ apologies what to talk of foregoing of mistakes. The educated disdain the uneducated or lesser educated, so-called enlightened reject other by asserting that the others do not have depth. One can be crude in his expressions, while they are considered worthless by the intelligentsia disparagingly. Now this behaviour is evident among the youth too, who are obviously following into the footsteps of their elders. This is continuing unabatedly in each stratum of the society. Only those are tolerant to each other who have certain interest weaved into their lives, social and businesses too. Politicians take the lead in this regard. Despite apparent differences, they are deeply connected to each other, like the businessmen, who have inter-marriages despite rivalries. In an overall scenario, the middle class is sustaining its resentments to the last, while the upper class makes hay under all circumstances.

Thursday, September 18

Valuing the departed ones! … Why not in their lives!

We, as a society, have developed an attitude of honoring and remembering the dead ones, instead of the living ones. Is it because of the fact that we consider people more precious after they leave this world? On occasions, one can see people thronging graveyards, showering flowers and praying. Quite a few have wet eyes, while the others give a somber look! One can see visible pain on everybody face, which is further augmented by any festive occasion. Do we value people when they are alive? We might be, but again the question is: Do we as much as we do afterwards? The answer would be a big NO! And if we know this, then we must change our attitudes towards our fellow beings! We have a sort of tradition now that we don’t condemn the dead ones, asserting that ‘his matters are with Allah now; so we must leave it to Him (Allah).’ May be a good attitude for quite a few, but others believe that criticising or condemning should be continued so that the living ones should know that people would hurl abuses at them even after their deaths; so they should mend themselves in this world as well. But good ones should be certain that they would be praised even afterwards, while remembering them good way whenever talking about them. Ideally it would be good to keep people, good or bad, in mind even during their lifetime. Can we do it instead of mourning after their deaths?

Wednesday, September 17

Replacement of human beings as quick as gadgets

Everyday inventions in mobile, computer and other technologies are making people buy new gadgets with equal speed. Prior to the launching of any brand, especially mobile, it is talk of the world, and search engines’ traffic reaches its peak. The iPhone6 is the recent example. But on the other hand, do we realise how quickly we change people too. Even the indispensable lot is replaced certain other persons, while in relations, someone replaces the other. Will we stop somewhere? Do we really value people? Even an answer in positive would carry a big question mark. Now friendship are replaced with more friendship, may be to last little duration than the previous ones. One can see another trend among people now. He would befriend you, then after some time move on your friends, and one fine day you would find that your friend is closer to that person, and he is sort of manipulating his own way up. This cycle will continue till the person is exposed of being an opportunist. Beware of them!

Tuesday, September 16

Sects of religions are profitable outlets for their founders and proponents

All religions of the world have multiple sects, and now one can find everyday new sects coming to the fore from the existing ones, which is further dividing people into different layers. Moreover, these sects are becoming more and more radical in their practices, interpretations and inventions to the religion, leaving little for dissent. And if one questions them, he is labeled as an infidel, and even fatwas (decrees) are issued against them. It is a perfect example of self-aggrandisement by using religious interpretations. These sects are strengthened by domestic and foreign fundings. First it starts with ‘requests’ for opening a mosque or a madressah (religious school), which acts as a platform for propagating their particular ideology. The followers or Mureeds contribute according to their bank balance, while the rich with bigger financial interests outside the sect gather influence to warding the government machinery off, and thwart any threats to their business interest. Also, these sects look for unattended prime lands to construct places for religious prayers ostensibly – India and Pakistan lead in this regard – while the followers never question the forcible possessions either since they feel protected under the umbrella. Its next level is of either getting illegal possessions vacated upon a payment of at least 30 per cent of the total prize of the land, or deal is matured by getting the papers signed in their own favour, which is considered to be the most liked manner since the grabbers can claim that they have bought the ‘booty’. Whenever such religious outfits have to hold a congregation, their teams reach out to the ‘targetted’ businessmen and others for getting the grants. In Karachi and Mumbai this is the most likeable manner of extortion. Where is the writ of the government? The state machinery seems to be sleeping and even if one is harshly woken up, it turns blind eye to it, and never realising that it is actually a breeding ground for tomorrow since the social fabric is torn to threads by these religious mantra speakers, who love to create divisions-within-divisions to enhance their influence. On the other hand, foreign countries are also helping their followers to enhance the influence of a particular sect. Recently, in the remote Southern Punjab, in a road-side restaurant, a man was openly discussing a plan to construct a Medressah and construct a mosque in his village. Though apparently he himself was a person of reasonable means, but he was certain that he would get money from some of his foreign ‘friends’ which not only would be enough to run the mosque and the seminary for next ten years rather would also help in multiplying his wealth, while the state organs would not dare him question too. No doubt, with this, he would be given more ‘respect’ and gather influence in the society. Ultimately, the only aim of the founders and proponents seem to be fattening their bank balances, and gaining influence; it is no way a favour to the humanity, and to any religion. Political hobnobbing is part and parcel of it, and one can find a lot of politicians, bureaucrats and men in uniform being part of such religious outfits. At this point, it seems that majority of people are part of one sect or of another group. Its last stage is a proxy war, which is and are being fought on one ground of any country or another, ultimately to the trouble of the masses and benefit of a few.

Monday, September 15

Self-proclaimed leaders … laboratories of character flaws!

Do we have leaders in its true sense? Can anyone name even a single person from the present lot, who stand even a chance to be considered as a leader. It carries a big question mark. Is there anyone who can be given clean chit? No one at all! If one is accused of massive corruption (Asif Ali Zardari), then his closest rival Nawaz Sharif has so many allegations in his kitty – from a dictator’s stooge to incapability (not strange for any such men of Khaki), from corruption to family-democracy, from … to … anything and everything. He is closely followed by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, who can certainly be incorruptible financially in his personal capacity, but morally he can be little less shallow than the rest. What message would it be for ordinary people of Pakistan …… Your PM has fathered an illicit child. Who is not familiar with Maulana Diesel fame Jehad-seller? He is one of the greatest champions of democracy these days. Next to him is gentleman from Balochistan Mahmood Khan Achakzai, who turned his province into the land of the ignorant by not letting education reaching doors of the ordinary, but he preaches for ‘democratic nobility’ (read dictatorial ignominy) in the federal capital. We also have Asfandyar Wali, whose party ANP ruled the KPK during the last democratic spell, but his stay in the European countries was longer than in his own country. I think people have not forgotten his ‘pro-Pakistan service’ taking big money from India for working against the Kalabagh Dam. By the way, his mother has formed her own party. People still remember Jama’at-e-Islami’s history of stabbing in the back of democratic dispensations, and the worst (read bloody) role of its youth wing Islami Jamiat Talba. The military men and their children are already in the field and making their mark. The second tier leadership is also following into the footsteps of their top leaders. The Khawajas, the Mians, the Chaudharys, the Qureshis, the Makhdooms ……… the land of the pure (read poor) is being run by a few families. Now they all are preparing a next generation of leaders from their families. Bilawal Zardari, Hamza Shahbaz, Maryam Nawaz, Ch Moonis Elahi, Suleman Shahbaz, Asif Bhutto ……….. the line is pretty long, and quite a few of them have already surpassed their elders in the feats of corruption and moral turpitude. Luckily perhaps, females are so far lagging far behind to their male counterparts or I would rather not comment on them. To cap it all, they all have a background which is tainted by moral turpitude. Who has not been a womaniser? Someone has illicit children (Imran Khan); someone (Nawaz Sharif) is still offering his services to be find good boyfriends for a foreign correspondent (Jim Baraker); someone is known as a house-beaker (Shahbaz Sharif), and now the usual advice to new entrants in bureaucracy and politics is advised against taking their wives and daughters to their family functions. Now the situation has reached to such an extent that pointing it out as a negative trait of character is advised to be ignored as if it is a routine matter. Leaders do such things … is the usual rhetoric. This is only a brief of what our leaders are like. Much more is there! Where would true leaders be in Pakistan? I usually think …..