Wednesday, September 17

Replacement of human beings as quick as gadgets

Everyday inventions in mobile, computer and other technologies are making people buy new gadgets with equal speed. Prior to the launching of any brand, especially mobile, it is talk of the world, and search engines’ traffic reaches its peak. The iPhone6 is the recent example. But on the other hand, do we realise how quickly we change people too. Even the indispensable lot is replaced certain other persons, while in relations, someone replaces the other. Will we stop somewhere? Do we really value people? Even an answer in positive would carry a big question mark. Now friendship are replaced with more friendship, may be to last little duration than the previous ones. One can see another trend among people now. He would befriend you, then after some time move on your friends, and one fine day you would find that your friend is closer to that person, and he is sort of manipulating his own way up. This cycle will continue till the person is exposed of being an opportunist. Beware of them!

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