Thursday, September 18

Valuing the departed ones! … Why not in their lives!

We, as a society, have developed an attitude of honoring and remembering the dead ones, instead of the living ones. Is it because of the fact that we consider people more precious after they leave this world? On occasions, one can see people thronging graveyards, showering flowers and praying. Quite a few have wet eyes, while the others give a somber look! One can see visible pain on everybody face, which is further augmented by any festive occasion. Do we value people when they are alive? We might be, but again the question is: Do we as much as we do afterwards? The answer would be a big NO! And if we know this, then we must change our attitudes towards our fellow beings! We have a sort of tradition now that we don’t condemn the dead ones, asserting that ‘his matters are with Allah now; so we must leave it to Him (Allah).’ May be a good attitude for quite a few, but others believe that criticising or condemning should be continued so that the living ones should know that people would hurl abuses at them even after their deaths; so they should mend themselves in this world as well. But good ones should be certain that they would be praised even afterwards, while remembering them good way whenever talking about them. Ideally it would be good to keep people, good or bad, in mind even during their lifetime. Can we do it instead of mourning after their deaths?

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