Monday, September 22

Do we have any limit to our intolerance?

Our society, comprising people who are more educated and affluent now, but they are equally intolerant to each other. Over a period, it has been observed that they are becoming more and more intolerant, and quite a few have either become or are on the verge of becoming radicalists. One can meet a lot of well-educated people, working in multinational companies, but they endorse suicide attacks, and are bent upon promoting one sect of Islam, while rejected others all together. In certain cases, they reach the extent of favoring elimination of others, if their insistence upon changing one’s sect does not help in ‘mending or correcting’ them. The religious lot is not only an utter failure rather they have further deepened this division, which is also done in order to have their grip further strengthened by promoting their own agenda of deep hatred so that they could be considered as ‘men of great honour’. On the other hand, our attitude towards family members, both immediate and distant, friends, colleagues and society at large, is if not condemnable then certainly not good, which imparts an impression of a society which by and large an intolerant one. We are not ready to accept others’ apologies what to talk of foregoing of mistakes. The educated disdain the uneducated or lesser educated, so-called enlightened reject other by asserting that the others do not have depth. One can be crude in his expressions, while they are considered worthless by the intelligentsia disparagingly. Now this behaviour is evident among the youth too, who are obviously following into the footsteps of their elders. This is continuing unabatedly in each stratum of the society. Only those are tolerant to each other who have certain interest weaved into their lives, social and businesses too. Politicians take the lead in this regard. Despite apparent differences, they are deeply connected to each other, like the businessmen, who have inter-marriages despite rivalries. In an overall scenario, the middle class is sustaining its resentments to the last, while the upper class makes hay under all circumstances.

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