Friday, November 12

People's Man

Yasser Arafat had breathed his last after a long and hard innings of about 75 years. His rise and death have sent a few messages across to the world, which should be fully comprehended and understood by the world, especially the West.
  • He was people's man. Even the ferocious western propaganda could not deter his people from following him. Bush's wish to 'declare Yasser Arafat unnecessary' was never fulfilled because his people wanted him to stay there.
  • Can the West, especially America, stop supporting puppet rulers in the third world countries, like Pakistan? Such rulers never have their roots among people. Zia ruled for more than 11 years, but he is history now.

No doubt, Yasser Arafat must have made a few mistakes--couldn't control Hamas, and supported Saddam Hussein when he captured Kuwait are the glaring ones. But he fought for his people...that is his credit.

May Allah bless him...Amen

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Shirazi said...

Amir, there is some thing wrong here. The title has been posted thrice but there is no write up. Please see to that.