Saturday, December 4

In a fix!

Living in this world is like a passage through certainty and uncertainty. Here one is made to suffer or lead a luxorious or comfortable life as he is pre-destined to. But all the time, he is asked to strive for the better while remaining in limits, both clearly mentioned and ambiguously spelled out by the society.

When every thing has its limits and is pre-ordained, then why we should be blamed for the mistakes which we have not committed and for the end-results beyond our control. Probably, this is life–living and un-living go side-by-side.


Farrukh Khan Pitafi said...

Aamer philosophe,
man what a poetry in prose. loved this bit of urs.
Your buddy and fan,

Murli Zee said...

If everything is preordained, there is no mistake. No good, no bad. No reason for effort, no reason for joy. And no likelihood for an answer to your question.
I'd rather believe there is a choice. There is no script that dictates who people are, and what they stand for. There are circumstances, opinions, change, human mistakes and evil intentions, that it matters what you side you take, not just to you personally, but in the higher order of this chaos, there is meaning.
Even if it turns out that there isn't any meaning, I live with the knowledge that I have experienced life, not just spent time drawing circles in the sand.

Anonymous said...

What has you donee. I think this looks better. Tell me if you dont like it, I will cjhange it.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you...that is why I believe in:-
Nahaq Hum Majboroon paey tuhmat hai khudmukhtari kee
Jo karain so aap karain, hum ko abass badnaam kiya
If you don't understand this, do get back to me!