Monday, December 20

Look ahead!

December is the last month of every year. Obviously! But it is more than relevant what it appears to be on the face. It means that we have lived another year. When we realise this, then probably we will make ourselves accountable for the things we did wrongly, and appreciate our bag of positives. For further mistakes, we don’t have any room, and for positives, obviously there is plenty.
Has the PTCL looked at itself in this perspective and tried to ameliorate the ever-worsening situation? Definitely ‘NO’! Instead of improving, this company has gone to dogs, and its condition is deteriorating with every passing day. Who does suffer ultimately? Obviously, it is the masses, who have to pay not only for the highest cost of communication in the Sub-Continent rather they are in constant apprehension about the impending misfortune in case either their telephone connection goes out of order or they have to pay for more than what they have used.
Interestingly, despite all the tall claims of privatising the company and giving different deadlines during the last years, its monopoly still continues. The concerned authorities are familiar with the duration of privatisation–it is going to be sold sooner or later, presently passing through a deadline of six months–try to enjoy the perks and privileges instead of making earnest efforts to make it a success; so that the government can get better rate and the masses get better service. The private companies are apprehensive about launching their ventures considering the communication giant–with the full backing of the government–sitting at their heads. Despite this fact, the company is being privatised, but only 38 percent shares are at stake and the rest will be in the official custody. What sort of this sale is? It will definitely cause more problems instead of eliminating troubles.
In this context, the concerns of the employees are genuine, as the management will be handed over to the buyer. Their fear of losing their jobs is real because of the inherent psyche of the multinationals –‘small number of employees and double the job.’ So far no one from the higher management has given them any assurance about their job security and the impending dilemma.
The PTCL management is angry at this. It believes that the newspapers are biased in their approach and are always exaggerating the negatives of the company. It is true that we do write about its grey areas, but never exaggeratingly. If you can substantiate your claim, you are most welcome. Any punitive measures will not make any difference to us as this is not the end of the world to the Dailies. However, we will continue to portray the downside of all!

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