Thursday, December 2

The students say...

Three generations of students tell their experiences at Government F.C. College

Aamer Waqas Chaudhary

Ch. Pervez Elahi (1963-67 Graduation Present Chief Minister of the Punjab)
“Initially, I got admission in Government College, Lahore. But later, I joined Government F.C. College because during those days, FCC used to be the best institute. But its standard rapidly deteriorated after the nationalisation. When we joined, there used to be the best teaching staff, who were mostly Americans. Students were good not only in studies, but sports as well. The Student Centre was a big attraction. Swimming pool was the best during those days, which was filled after some unfortunate deaths. In 1998, when I was Chairman Task Force, lot of improvements were made in the College. An effort to break the monopoly of a Qabza group was part of it. I sent my younger brothers to my college.”

Naveed Ahmed Cheema (1971-75 Graduation)
“My memory is not very clear about what accompanied the pre and post-nationalisation as I was young and bit heedless to politics, which is natural to youngsters of that age (Intermediate). I was just liked Mr. Bhutto and I believed that whatever he was doing, would be the best for this country. His efforts were honest though spoilers brought bad name to him and caused huge loss to Pakistan. I think that our time was the best one as we had the best teachers and a conducive environment for learning. There was no politics and students were friendly to each other. Our favourite recreation, of course apart from canteen and cricket, used to sit on the bank of the Canal. After the nationalisation, initially there was not much hype among the students though the print media was pretty vocal. We were concentrating on our studies, but penetration of the political parties through students, had started. But it (FCC) remained peaceful and we kept on enjoying our studies. I do not think, despite my love for FCC, I would be sending my remaining children to this College as I am looking forward to educate them at LUMS. “

Tanveer Hussain (Presently student of Graduation at FCC)
“I cannot say much about the past as I do not believe in the borrowed knowledge. Enjoying studies and company of the college friends varies from person to person. As a social person, I have a good equation with both my class fellows and teachers. Our teachers are friendly (minus few exceptions) and we enjoy our classes. There is a certain kind of hype among the students, who have both negative and positive impressions about the denationalisation process. I think it should not be done rather improvements should be made in the existing set-up. I do not know why our government is interested in making yet another experiment, which would bring confusion of greater magnitude.”

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