Sunday, May 8

On Mother's Day

Who are these individuals who spare nothing when it comes to taking care of their kids, whether infants or grown-up adults?

They are mothers. This is the only group of people whom one cannot divide into further sub-groups. Neither they can be relegrated to any sort of ideology nor any timely-motivated specific agenda. They remain constant through out their lives towards their children and even in the face of the most adverse circumstances, they are always there for their children.
To me, neither any science nor any philosopher can understand and write their feelings and emotions. Probably, this is one of the most difficult subjects of this world.
All mothers are equal. None of them is either good or bad mother; yes they can be her good or bad individuals. But their motherhood is never adversely affected by this.
To me 'Motherhood' is a religion whose God is a Mother and its prophets are mothers too. Interestingly, these all gods and prophets are with us; in our homes and all the time taking care of us. We just need to understand a bit of them to value them.
I believe that everyone of us must be starting his any venture with their prayers. Beginning one's day with her prayers is the best possible thing one can do in his life.
I think the state must make it certain that no mother goes unattended when it comes to abandoned mothers. Probably, this is one of the ways we can save the soul of our nation.


Shirazi said...

Now that is a good post and very workable suggestion. But is any one listening to it in this din?

Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary said...

Yeah! I think people do listen though they tend to ignore. Sometimes, I am pained by the fact that I am not as-proper-as-a-son should be! I have used 'proper' deliberately because we are no more obedient; not to the Allah Almighty even.

Shirazi said...

Mom is arriving back from Iraq on May 23, 2005. Info. . .