Saturday, May 7

‘Stores share spoils’

Doctors have a share at some of the medical stores, especially those located within hospitals and clinics

Jamal Akbar is running Aabpara Medicos for the last 17 years. Apart from medicines, he sells a large variety of general products. He says:-
"Doctors do have a share in medical stores, especially those which are being run within the precincts of hospitals and clinics, both public and private. On the other hand, some sub-standard stores do provide the same facility in outer vicinities as well, but this is not a case with upgraded pharmacies.
"A few doctors also sell samples on the actual price instead of giving them to the poor at their clinics and hospitals. On the other hand, quite a large number of medical stores do not have the proper facilities for certain climatically sensitive medicines, which are sold to patients – obviously with their damaged efficiency. The latter is no doubt the responsibility of the concerned department, but ultimately it is the patients who suffer."

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