Saturday, July 16

Mayo Hospital in chaos

Chief Minister Punjab Ch. Pervaiz Elahi called an urgent meeting of the Board of Management of the Mayo Hospital to sort the matters of the Hospital and redress grievances of the senior physicians against the Medical Superintendent on Friday.
The meeting was attended by Provincial Health Minister Dr. Tahir Ali Javed, all the members of the Board of Management (BoM), Principal King Edward Medical College and Chief Executive of the Mayo Hospital Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Hassan and the Medical Superintendent Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed Ranjha, while the chief minister Punjab was in the chair.
On Monday the last, Provincial Health Minister Dr. Tahir Ali Javed chaired the meeting of the Academic Council of the King Edward Medical College. According to a source, Dr. Tahir reported the observations made during Monday’s meeting to the chief minister, who in turn took serious notice of the senior physicians’ distrust in MS Dr. Ranjha, and called an urgent meeting.
The senior physicians deemed Dr. Ranjha as an obstruction in better working. "As long as, he (Dr. Ranjha) remains the superintendent, we cannot bring the desired changes for the better treatment of the patients," said one of the heads of the department in the meeting. All the department heads voiced their concerns over the deteriorating standards of treatment and availability of medicines during operations. "Sometimes even water supply disrupts in the operation theatres while the operations are in progress; what to talk of medicines, which are most of the times inadequate," complained one of the senior surgeons. "This situation is further complicated by the shortage of staff. Repeated requests, in this regard, were never materialised by the MS," he contended.
The source said that the senior physicians deemed that serious in-fights could occur and situation could become uncontrollable because of the ever-deteriorating relationship between the MS and department heads. Allegedly, Dr. Ranjha does not comply with the orders of his seniors, bypasses the health department officials and neither informs the CE of the Mayo Hospital nor the BoM about his decisions, which he is bound to do, as per regulations.
Principal KEMC Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Hassan said the meeting was called to bring improvements in the hospital. "All the members of the BoM expressed their concern over dire straits of the hospital, which was not at all conducive for the treatment of the patients. It is true that senior physicians of the hospital had expressed distrust in Dr. Ranjha in a meeting chaired by the provincial health minister on the last Monday," he said. However, he did not dilate upon any administrative change in the hospital hierarchy. Dr. Ranjha was not available for his comments.
According to the source, so far no decision has been taken about the removal of Dr. Ranjha as the MS Mayo Hospital.

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