Saturday, July 16

Nawaz never struck any deal

Nawaz Sharif did not indulged any deal with the military junta and he would not do this in future either because he was a popular leader with a strong backing of the masses, said the Muslim League-N leader and Vice-President of the Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy (ARD) Punjab Mian Javed Latif at a Press conference held at a local hotel on Friday.
Mian Javed Latif, also accompanied by the ML Media Coordinator Majid Zahoor, said the military rulers come to power after hobnobbing with the hidden forces. "That is why they perceive deal in every thing because they believe in deals and political leaders trust vote. Nawaz Sharif has demonstrated if a popular political does not bow, then the dictatorship had to do it otherwise. His endeavour is not for passport, rather it is for the rights of the masses," he said. "Nawaz Sharif has buried dirty politics by saying ‘what is morally wrong, cannot be right politically’. We have always been saying that all the public departments falling between the Parliament and the Presidency have become puppets, and the present lot of the rulers is not a representative of the people. This is evident from their U-turns of various domestic, regional and international policies, futile economic ventures, and debt-based economy," said the Mian.
Mian Javed maintained that the Muslim League had spurned the politics of comprises and fought for the rights of the masses. "Nawaz Sharif had neither been part of any deal nor will forge any deal. The day of true democracy is not far when the real political leadership will be here to serve its people," he said.

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