Wednesday, October 26

Delay in rescue creates a dilemma

Delay in rescue and rehabilitation of quake-hit people of Azad Kashmir had created a new dilemma and the world should come forward on the call of the United Nations before the onset of acute winter, said Central Secretary Finance Pakistan Muslim League (N) MNA Mohammad Pervaiz Malik on Monday.
Speaking at a PML (N) re-organised programme of relief and rehabilitation in which 100-bed hospital to be built on behalf of Nawaz Sharif in Muzaffarabad, he said the international assistance, except Turkey and Saudi Arabia, was negligible. "People of Pakistan have shown unprecedented generosity in helping the quake-hit people and they have not sent relief assistance alone, but opened their towns, homes, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities for the survivors. Organisations and individuals contributed tremendously, while the performance of government, except the Pakistan Army, was poor. There are reports that the ruling party and the government fixed their banners in private and individual truckloads of relief goods before reaching Muzaffarabad," he alleged.
Pervaiz Malik said the Pakistani nation was united and it would not leave its Kashmiri brethren alone.
October 24, 2005

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