Saturday, October 15

Opposition flays govt for hike in POL prices

Opposition leaders have condemned the government for the hike in petrol prices, and maintained that this would further add to the problems of the masses, who were already suffering under the burden of price-hike.
Acting President Pakistan Muslim League (N) and President the Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy Makhdoom Javed Hashmi stated that stupendous increase in petrol prices was due to the failure of the economic policies of the rulers. "It is like reversal of a situation in Pakistan because the POL prices are decreasing in the world, but increasing in the country. It will add to the problems of the masses, and they will suffer more under the burden of the price-hike," he added, in a statement.
Central leader Muttahida Majlas-e-Amal (MMA) and Ameer Jama’at-e-Islami (Punjab) MNA Liaqat Baloch, while condemning the increase in POL prices, said the rulers’ dream of 'Khushhal Pakistan' would actualise by only by making poor people's lives more miserable and forcing them to commit suicides. "The petroleum prices have been increased by Rs 15 to 20 per litre during the last six months. Due to this, a perpetual increase in transport fares and items of daily use commodities has occurred, while they are attempting to conceal their incompetence by hoodwinking the masses with a barrage of propaganda about increased foreign exchange reserves," he said. He stressed the need to withdraw the increase in POL prices; otherwise the poor and the salaried classes would not be able to survive and they would come on roads to expel them (the rulers) out of the corridors of power.
Deputy Secretary General Jama’at-e-Islami Pakistan Dr. Fareed Ahmed Piracha termed the recent hike in Petroleum product illegal and unconstitutional. In a statement, he said, the national exchequer was already packed with POL surcharge, which was taxed from the pockets of poor people. "The frequent increase in petroleum prices is deceit with the people. The military regime has lost the mandate to rule the country, and likewise prime minister and his cabinet are also not empowered to press the masses under heavy loads of taxes in the cover of increase in POL prices," he added. Increase in POL prices, he said, in the garb of progress and prosperity of the country was nothing short of killing announcement for the people.

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