Monday, October 3

Timely vaccination prevents hepatitis

Hepatitis was rapidly spreading among children, and it might cause disaster if proper and timely arrangements were not made, which could be stopped by vaccination, said General Secretary Children Association of Pakistan Dr Masood Akhtar Sheikh, while addressing a seminar at a local school Monday.
Dr Masood Akhtar Sheikh said if the mothers had hepatitis before or during the pregnancy, then it could transfer into the developing baby. “So all women of child-bearing age should be vaccinated against hepatitis to prevent its spread to the next generation and proper preventive measures should be adopted. The usage of disposable syringes, no sharing of combs, toothbrushes, and if possible the hair cutting kits should be individualised. The dental treatments should be from a qualified dental surgeons only as the quacks are a major source of hepatitis B and C,” he added.
Dr Sheikh said the government was putting all its efforts to control hepatitis in the country especially among children. “We have made a hepatitis core group, to adopt different measures to prevent its spread. The core group includes the health minister, parliamentary secretary and others. We are bringing legislation so the proper measures should be taken and enforced through law. Chief Minister Punjab Ch Pervaiz Elahi has granted Rs 20 million for the establishment of a first district hepatitis centre in Hafizabad, which will soon be inaugurated by him,” he stated.The ceremony was presided over by the Chairman Standing Committee for Health Punjab Dr Muzaffar Sheikh. Dr Shazia Noor, Dr Israr Hussain Asif, Dr Tahira and Dr Ghulam Rasool also spoke on the occasion.

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