Tuesday, November 15

No political ambitions behind Nawaz’ London visit, Saad

Nawaz Sharif did not have any political ambitions behind his visit to London, as he was going there primarily for the medical treatment of his son, said senior Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader MNA Khawaja Saad Rafique, while addressing a Press conference at a local hotel held in connection with Shaikh Rohail Asghar’s joining of the PML (N) on Monday.
Khawaja Saad maintained that at last Nawaz Sharif got justice. “Getting a Passport from his country is every citizen’s right, which was unjustly denied to him for quite a long time,” he added.
While answering a question about the inclusion of the PML (N) defectors in the party folds, Saad maintained that there was no change in the PML (N) policy in this regard. “All such decisions will be made from case to case. After an approval from the local leadership, PML (N) leaders will be consulted according to the status of the political figure joining the Party,” he added. Instead of enumerating names of persona non gratae, he stated that no one of those would be accepted who had supported the dictatorship. “We are not a regiment of the army, and those who were party to the military rule, will be taken back to the party folds. Any one who want to come to us without any conditions, like Rohail Asghar, will be welcome,” he averred.
Saad said the political change was in the offing, especially after the earthquake. “In this crisis, the government has failed, which has put an extra burden of the ruling elite,” he added. He questioned the timing of decision about buying F-16s, and then denying the deal. “Whither $ 12 billion foreign exchange about which the government boasted?” he asked.
While talking about the inclusion of Shaikh Rohail Asghar, Saad maintained that he was a season politician, and when the higher leadership was consulted, it showed its pleasure over this decision of Shaikh Rohail. “This is first drop prior to the rain. Now the rulers, who were bent upon destroying our house, should guard theirs. There are many, who want to join us, and now it is the turn of the rulers’ party,” he added.
Central PML (N) leader MNA Pervaiz Malik congratulated his party’s workers and leaders whose struggle had borne fruit. Secretary General PML (N) said Shaikh Rohail’s inclusion would strengthen the party further, which would emerge as the largest political party again.
Ex-Lord Mayor and former Town Nazim Khawaja Ahmed Hassan, MPAs Rana Tanveer and Kamran, and Mian Marghoob Ahmed were prominent among a large number of local leaders of the PML (N). (November 7, 2005)

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