Tuesday, November 15

No pressure for quitting presidentship, Shujaat

President Pakistan Muslim League (Q) Ch Shujaat Hussain said neither he was being pressurised to quit the seat nor any such suggestion was being considered at any level, while talking to The Nation on Sunday.
Ch Shujaat also maintained that the ruling party was not in crisis of any sort. “Those, who are talking of dissension and issuing contentious statements, have no conflict with the Party on principles. However, their problems are of personal nature, and to solve those I am available,” he added. Shujaat averred that at this time of quake-crisis, there was a need to forge national unity instead of arousing conflicts. “I am in constant touch with my all members of the Parliament, and if some body had personal problems, he should talk to me. To solve political issues, political mannerism should be adopted instead of grinding personal axes. However, I am still ready to listen to them and solve their problems to the maximum possible extent,” he added.
Shujaat said all policies were being made after consultation with the coalition partners. “This is not appropriate to create difficulties by making one’s personal problems as the party issues. The government is doing all efforts in solving other issues and consultations are underway even with the opposition,” he said.
While answering a question about an interim government before the next elections, he stated that it was the president’s prerogative. “However,” he stated, like the recent Local Government Elections for which no international agency pointed out any irregularity, next general elections will be held in a transparent manner.”
Talking about the All Parties Conference in the aftermath of the earthquake on October 8, Shujaat stated that this idea suffered because of personal and political interests. “On the other hand, it is beyond understanding what message the opposition wants to send about the Parliamentary Committee by declaring it toothless even prior to its formation,” he said.
While rejecting the rumour about the dissolution of assemblies, Shujaat maintained such notion were being projected and entertained by disgruntled elements. “Crisis is not in the country rather in their minds. Elections will be held in 2007,” he averred. (November 13, 2005)

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