Tuesday, November 15

No senior doctor stripped off his pants, Dr. Chattha

No incidence of stripping a senior doctor off his pants and torture took place at the Institute, and news published in vernacular dailies were baseless, said Acting Principal Fatima Jinnah Institute of Dental Sciences Dr. Muhammad Rafique Chattha on Friday.
According to news reports, Prof. Dr. Sohail Abbas Khan had accused Dr. Chattha of stripping him naked in the meeting and getting him tortured from peons.
Dr. Chattha maintained that nothing of the sort took place at the Institute. “This is all baseless. He is my student, and it does not behove a teacher to do such a thing. Why should I do such a thing, and create an issue out of nothing when I am engaged in so much constructive work for the uplift of the institution,” he added. Dr. Chattha stated that such an act would have fallen beyond the purview of the decency. While talking about that particular meeting, which held on October 24, Dr. Chattha said Dr. Sohail barged into the meeting room though he was not invited. “He started shouting. Seeing this I had to adjourn the meeting. He dragged a chair and sat there, while I kept my cool. That is it, and nothing beyond had happened,” added Dr. Chattha.
Punjab Health Minister Dr. Tahir Ali Javed said Dr. Abbas met him about three weeks ago. “But he did not mention any such incident. However, I have directed Secretary Health to look into the matter,” he added. (November 11, 2005)

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