Tuesday, November 15

Q-League has become a house of cards, Kh Saad

Pakistan Muslim League (Q) had become a house of cards, and the house constructed by the army was in the process of destabilisation, as more Q-leaders would be joining us, said central leader Pakistan Muslim League (N) MNA Khawaja Saad Rafique, while addressing a Press conference at a local hotel on Sunday.
On this occasion, prominent political figures of NA-127 Iftikhar Bhatti, Ghulam Bhatti and Dr. Abdul Razzaq Saif, led by Noor Muhammad Bhatti, announced their joining of the PML (N). They all maintained that they were joining the PML (N) without any conditions as they had lost trust in the PML (Q) leadership.
Khawaja Saad, accompanied by the provincial leadership of the Party and new entrants, stated that Pervaiz Elahi was trying to save his rule, as more leaders would be joining the PML (N). He launched a bitter diatribe against the government for its failure in providing relief to the earthquake victims. “The incapable rulers want to put of onus of their poor performance in carrying out the relief work in the quake-hit on the army. We still want the civil administration should be given right to lead the relief and rehabilitation task,” he added.
Saad criticised the government for torturing the victims. “The rulers are arresting and torturing the Kashmiris at the Line of Control; thus doing the Indian job easy in damaging Pakistan’s image. In Jallalabad, the tent residents – whose dear ones had died – were baton-charged by the police,” he added.
While answering a question, Khawaja Saad stated that the Local Government System would come to an end with Pervez Musharraf’ exit. “We reject this corrupt system. We participated in the elections under this system just to avoid one-way traffic,” he added. He also stated that Sardar Zulfiqar Khan Khosa was PML (N) leader.
To him, the National Volunteers Movement was a political and electoral stunt. “It has nothing to do with the relief work. Remember! Dictatorship is never supported by the masses. Pakistanis will keep on taking part in the relief efforts, but will not be working at that impetus of the present dispensation. Saddam Hussain could not get his people behind him and the US occupied Iraq. General Pervez Musharraf should learn lesson from Saddam’s end,” stated Khawaja Saad. He also welcomed the new entrants and told that the higher leadership of the Party had given its consent in this regard.
Senior leader Sardar Ayaz stated that 32 MNAs had shown their distrust in the present leadership of the PML (Q). “This is just a beginning because about 75 more are weighing options because of the poor performance and attitude of the PML (Q) leadership. They deem that their future solely depends on Pervez Musharraf,” he added.
Central Secretary Finance PML (N) MNA Pervaiz Malik maintained that the latest inclusions were because of the national spirit and for strengthening the Party. He said the government had not chalked out a plan about the forthcoming Donors’ Conference, due to be held on November 18 and 19. “This shows that the government was not serious about the relief and rehabilitation efforts. We condemn this conference which is being held without preparation,” he added.
Secretary-General PML (N) Punjab Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri stated that the PML (N) and Nawaz Sharif would not involve in any deal with one man. “We will come to power through vote, not deal,” he added.
Ex-Mayor Lahore Khawaja Ahmed Hassan criticised the government for lack of coordination. “Mere opening of accounts with the banks, will not fetch money because that is done after credibility. People want to do work, but do not want to give money to the government. Hence, their performance is zero,” he added.
Recent PML (N) induction Shaikh Rohail Asghar said the international community did not want to talk to the dictator. “If an elected political dispensation would have ruling the country, then the present situation of donations would have been entirely different,” he maintained.
MPA Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan stated that the present defections of the PML (Q) were because of the ‘Gujrati style’ of politics. “It is a normal reaction and we are looking forward to more people joining the PML (N),” he said. Mian Marghoob Ahmed stated that the rulers were losing grip on power.(November 13, 2005)

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