Tuesday, April 4

Doctors observes black day, PMA on token hunger strike

On the appeal of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), the doctors’ community observed Tuesday as the black day through out the Punjab in the third phase of the protest movement.
The PMA’s Lahore Chapter observed hunger strike here at the PMA office. Chairman Action Committee PMA Dr. Tanveer Anwar, General-Secretary PMA Dr. Azeem-ud-Din Zahid and Finance Secretary Dr Shahid Malik, in a press statement, have vowed to continue their protest till their demands are actualised. "Because of the erratic policies of the health department, medical facilities have been denied to the masses, and doctors community is suffering from insecurity, while the medical institutions have been dealt with deadly blows. Despite this, the bureaucracy is still indulgent in misdirecting the government," they said, while adding that the government should be evolving long term policies to solve the problems.
Largely attended by the office bearers of various medical associations, the protestors demanded raise in the pays of Medical House Officers, permanent appointments in Grade 17 of the Post-Graduate Resident (PGR) Doctors, Contract EMOs, Assistant Directors and Medical Officers, teaching cadre for the Post-Graduate Medical Officers, promotions of qualified doctors, withdrawing of unjustified fees of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSP), Rs 6,000 for non-practising doctors and reduction in hostel fees.

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