Friday, May 5

Breast-feeding saves mothers from cancer

Mothers can save themselves from breast cancer by breast-feeding their infants, as it helps children to grow stronger develop immunity against diseases.
This was stated by Postgraduate Medical Institute Principal Prof Sajjad Hussain, while speaking at a one-day workshop on “Benefits of breast-feeding” organised by Maternity and Child Health Department of Lahore General Hospital on Friday.
Saying that Islam is a natural religion, Prof Hussain said all Islamic teachings directly relate to the natural requirements of human beings. “For this reason, the Quran has also severally asked mothers to breast-feed their children for first two years,” he said, while adding that breast-feeding offer great benefits to children and mothers, and it also helps in spacing between children.
LGH Paeds department head Prof Akmal Laiq explained benefits and importance of mother’s breast milk in ensuring child’s health.
Dr Sheraz said mothers prioritise the health of their infants while adopting modern world fashions. “Breast-feeding is a complete dose for infants and they do not require any supplementary for certain period of their age. The infants, who get breast milk, automatically avoid feeders and pacifier,” she said, while adding that the breast-feed infants grow taller with strong bones.
King Edward Medical University’s Prof Riffat Ashraf, Prof Tariq Bhatti, Dr Naila Tariq and LGH Medical Superintendent Dr Ijaz Ahmad Sheikh stressed for the launching of an effective advertisement campaign to promote the importance of breast-feeding among women.
Later, Prof Sajjad Hussain distributed certificates among the workshop participants. The hospital’s gynaecology department doctors, nurses and paramedics attended the workshop.

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