Thursday, November 29

We must value....

Thinking of establishing a hospital in the memory of one's mother, or an education institution for the poor of the country, is no doubt one of the glaring achievements made by the chosen ones. Moreover, thinking of propagating the true religious teachings is also of prime importance.
Why are we all the time looking for doing bigger-than-life things so that others could notice us and talk about us?
Not the right approach considering the circumstances where one is living on the edge of life with ever-diminishing resources!
Then! Carry on doing small things in life. Meeting others with a smile can make his day, and that person can think of meeting you again in life! This is such an act which is a blessing for the rest of your life. You never lose anything as you are giving something to other people. And it is always better that you are giving others, instead of taking all the time. Better be a giver, than a getter! Yes! Achiever one must be, which is also possible through giving a lot to others.
There are a huge number of things one can do for the fellow human beings, and one must keep on doing.
Lets see what can we do for those who never complain to us and are spurned by many thinking that they are not our responsibility; but they are. I am talking about animals.
Just stop here! Have you ever thought that these animals deserve better treatment. It is not necessary that we must take care of our pets, rather giving a piece of bread, feeding sparrows, or pouring milk for a cat, can bring us happiness.
Please do these minor things! And we must value our such minor acts because we are doing it for others.

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