Friday, December 7

The Cat Story!

One never knows about the people around, who are constantly noticing you all the time. But it is certain that you are always being watched closely by others.
This is a story of humans for humans. Briefly, I resent this when others are poking their dirty noses into your life. However, this is how life is and this is how people are! Plus we have to live in this world! Nevertheless, we must condemn such attitudes.
On the other hand, I never noticed that even animals have the same attitude towards us. When I reach home, it is all silent as most of the people are sleeping then! Even the street guard is all asleep!
But there is one who is always waiting for my arrival. (I believe my mother does the same despite being fast asleep.) It is a cat so to speak, but has become my constant companion prior to entering my home. She always welcomes me with her usual 'Mee Auoon....'. It sounds more beautiful than what people say uselessly.
I open the door for her, and she enters the home prior to my stepping into the porch.
Then she will follow me to the front door and just wait for me till I come back with a cup of milk for her. During this time, she will keep on repeating her mantra 'Mee Auoon'. I always tell her to keep quiet, but she will never till she starts 'tongueing' milk. I close the door behind me to see her in the morning.
My mother objected my talking to her, but I always indulge in the monologue, as she is never replying back the way I want but never stops repeating her mantra 'Mee Auoon' (May be she is all the time 'Should I come). Then I think at least she is saying something instead of just going quiet.
But one night, she was not there, and I was concerned about her safety. I thought less about her going away, rather I was thinking she might have been hit by a car.
But next day, she was again there waiting for me, which relieved me of the concern. I could not ask her about her previous day. This is where the human-animal relationship fails.
It is always one-sided and one must not expect anything except loyalty from yourself only.
Then again one day, she did not welcome me. I had the same feelings again.
But that day, when I opened the door, I saw her in the dark corner. She was too busy to welcome me.
I looked at her closely to see if everything was fine with her.
Then I realised why was she not interested in me? It was playing with a half-dead rat. That day, I did not pour milk for her in her pot, nor she asked for it. I do not know but I really felt bad...not for the rat as it always scarred me since my childhood. I had held a rat in my enwrapped hands twice or thrice, but my fear is not withered yet.
My bad feeling was rather for another reason...
She had some thing today to eat and play with, then why she must welcome me and skirt around my legs.
What for? When she had at her disposal another thing to play!
Then I thought..... 'Animals are like that. They are supposed to behave that way.'
Are humans different? I wonder!


imran said...

Dear you konw we feel pleased when we think of ourselves as superbeings, but we foget that we are 'social animals' as well. so what makes us different from other sepecies?
that is we are blessed with wisdom and sanity. but cats and other animals do not have that. despite superiority over other creatures of the world, we have not proved it. animals like cats leave our side as they get something to satisfy their appetite. it is their only necessity(i mean the most important out of a few that they have). when they(animals) get contented with it, they are not going to harm any other animal or creature but stay at home to rest as they have no material or worldly desires contray to human beings.
As regards superbeings, they do not get contended even with lion's share. To satisfy their thurst for power(economic or any other), they have proved themselves as brutal animals.
Then where lies the difference?
in fact human beings have buried the differnce(of sanity and wisdom) which made them superbeings as they always used this for the destruction of the humanity not for its survival. A contended being is proving even more dangerous for the humanity but cats are no threat for their own family as well as for others.
But human beings have spared no species whether that falls in Zoology or in Botany.
So, do not wonder dear, human beings are not less than cats or other animals but they are more than that.
But sanity is always there to counter negativisim as exceptions do happen.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story!
I believe you are connecting the human beings with animals.
However, it is apt without any doubt.