Saturday, December 29

Fear of the unknown grips Lahorites

Feelings of sorrow, grief and fear of the unknown kept on looming large among the citizens, and people remained confined to their homes on Friday, on the next day of Benazir Bhutto's assassination.
Moreover, the petrol pumps were closed, and if a few were open, those were for a short period of time resulting in long queues; hence most of them returning sans getting fuel or gas. In certain cases, it was also seen that the gasoline station owners did not entertain pleadings of the customers. “If this continued, the city will be facing another crisis, as the movement of the people remained hampered on Friday owing to the fact that they did not have fuel to drive their vehicles,” said a writer Sajid Umer Gill, who has come from Dublin, Ireland.
Attendance at the mosques remained comparatively thin at the time of Friday prayers, and the people remained quiet with visible signs of tension and grief on the faces of the people.
Roads remained empty as vehicular movement was far far less in number. The public transport, except rickshaws also in very small number, did not ploy on the city roads. It was primarily due to the reason that people were anticipating more violence in the city, as yesterday a few vehicles were torched in the city.
Those who moved out of their homes, remained cautious. “I am out for certain chores, but will be moving back home soon because of two things: first, I am running short of fuel, and secondly, I fear that anything could happen to me. I don’t find it comfortable while remaining on road,” said Haroon Rasheed, who has political affiliations with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, and he is a businessman. “My wife is constantly calling me, and she is saying that I should not be sitting with friends, and must remain with the family as the situation is not good outside,” he said.
On the other hand, people were concerned about their dear ones, who had gone outside their homes. There were constant calls and messages to know about their well-being. Whereas most of the people were not allowed to go outside by their family members. “I did not let my husband and son leave for work today. First there was work, and secondly, I could not allow them to go out for anything considering the fact that you never know any thing could happen to anyone,” said a house Samina Riaz, who extremely disturbed at the sad demise of the Daughter of the East.

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