Sunday, December 2

Letter of Benazir Bhutto

Such letters can be considered as an election excercise in this part of the world. When she contested her first election in 1988, portraits of her mother Nusrat Bhutto, dancing with the former US president Richard Nixon, were shown at every nook and cornor of the country.
It was done no one else but by the Jama'at-e-Islami of Pakistan, which has claims of being the custodians of the (Click to enlarge) ideological frontiers of Pakistan. They profess to be leaders of Islam, which demands of its followers that they should cover up the weaknesses and indulgences of others. But Nusrat Bhutto's picture became an election stunt. As soon as the election was over, no one really heard of the picture.
The same is true of this letter, which was printed in various newspapers, and alluded to at the press conferences and statements of the Quislings, who left no stone unturned to gain political mileage; but they miserably failed in getting the desired (read ill-desired) objectives.
Now they must be looking for another gimmick to attack her. However, nothing but tracing the history is their favourite pastime. Lets see what 'discovery' they carve out of nothingness! So far there is no success in sight for them!

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