Wednesday, December 26

Police at its best!

Pakistani police can do anything – from stopping pillion riders on roads for any 'dubious' reasons to electioneering – The latest being the last as the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) is contesting the elections, and the present administrative set-up owes a lot to the Chaudhrys of Gujrat. Hence this is part of their duty.
The police carrying hoardings of the Quislings' Election symbol. This police van – LXC 2360 registration – bearing of the FC College Police Chowki, where fall the official-cum-personal residences of the Chaudhrys.
There are so many other things, which our police can do. George W. Bush should have contacted the Punjab Police for apprehending Osama bin Laden, but he is not serious about arresting him. Hence he has not given the task to the Punjab police through its stooges, who must have assured him that they will do the task for him. Otherwise.... it was possible.
Even now try them.....An elephant will become Osama bin Laden provided this police is given a chance to 'interrogate' him.

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Anonymous said...

This is what police of every third world country is indulging into!
You cannot do anything about them as long as the political system is not set rightly in place. Previous rulers did the same and they are tasting their own salt this time!
Allah bless Pakistan! Ameen