Thursday, December 6

When everything goes amiss!

Sometimes it happens as if you are not concerned about anything. You seem to live on your own, while negating everything. No one exists around you and one believes that this is all 'shadowy'. This thought starts staying with you not for moments, rather hours.
But I think if it persists for days, or months or years, then perhaps, man becomes self-centred or what.... No idea what it could be!
However, there is something good about it too. Just for that stipulated period of time, you are your own master....Declining every power, and every relationship.
Must have been bad times simultaneously.
Then someone comes and tells you 'I am back'.
Hope it is never that late...Otherwise...What is the use of having any connection.
And someone out there does not understand this, then what is the use of that connection or relationship!

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