Thursday, November 20

Governor indulging in immoral activities, Sana

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan has launched a bitter diatribe against Governor Salman Taseer accusing the latter for indulging in unethical activities, and has said the PML-N does not consider the Governor as part of the PPP, which has virtually pushed the government-governor conflict a notch up on the ladder of rows brewing up since PML-N leaders outrightly rejected Salman’s appointment.

“He (Salman Taseer) holds parties at the Governor’s House where alcohol is served, which is unethical and contradictory to the Islamic law,” said Rana Sana while talking to the media here on Tuesday outside the Punjab Assembly building.

Rana Sana, while maintaining that Salman Taseer was part of the Musharraf legacy, averred that every body knew those who had ruined the country’s economy. “Now they are sitting in the Governor’s House, and sucking on the masses’ blood, and are serving alcohol to all, including Salman Shah (former advisor to ex-PM Shaukat Aziz). Such a person (Governor), who indulges in beyond-moral activities, has been imposed upon the respectable Punjabis. If a poor man does so, he is arrested by the police and FIR is registered against him,” said Rana Sana asserting that the law would take its due course. “This is not a matter of 371 MPAs, rather of the Punjab, and the whole province will discuss the issue. The PPP should also reconsider its decision regarding Salman’s appointment as Governor,” he added.
The Law Minister said the PML-N neither had any dissension with the PPP, as the former deemed that the PPP was committed to the present system. “We are having cordial relationship, and the PPP-men working with the provincial government, want to resolve masses’ problems. The Punjab chapter of the PPP is fully supportive, and it has accepted quite a few of our demands, as we have reciprocated them in the same vein,” said the Rana adding that the PML-N separated itself from the federal government due to its principle stance and in the larger national interest. “However, we have no complaints against the PPP. Mian Nawaz Sharif gave a statement that after the PML-N got detached from the government, at that time we thought that the PPP would also break away from the Punjab government, which it did not. However, we have accepted the PPP mandate,” he said.

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