Thursday, November 27

Keep your mouth shut!

Bakwas bund karo (keep your mouth shut) was perhaps one of the loudest of rebukes on the floor of the Punjab Assembly when PML-Q deserter-cum-forward bloc member Sheikh Ala-ud-din shouted at Q-Leaguer Samina Khawar Hayyat.

At 2 pm, when the Sheikh was about to speak, Samina Hayyat pointed out lack of quorum, which was incomplete, and Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan adjourned the House for Friday (today) 10 am.

While the counting was on, both, visibly-upset Sheikh and ever-daring Samina, were involved into a fierce argument, and they continued doing so even when the Chair adjourned the House. Their voices were inaudible to those sitting in the Press gallery, though one could see temper rising between the two of the same party, but of estranged factions. Sheikh’s sudden blast – Bakwas bund karo – was audible to all. However, that was the period statement as both went to different doors of the House for exit.

On the last Wednesday, the Sheikh complained about the media for portraying his repeated debate on Hajj quota for the MPAs, as his personal issue. Many of the members contributed in the debate asserting that the media should be properly briefed about the PA proceedings.
On Thursday, perhaps to mend fences and have better relationship with the media or as an annual feature, the Sheikh also hosted a lunch for journalists of the press gallery.

Earlier, Rana Muhammad Afzal and Syeda Bushra Nawaz Gardezi had pointed out indiscipline by the Assembly security at the parking area of the Assembly, while the latter averred that the MPAs were not being accorded VIP protocol.

Rana Iqbal Khan assured them that action would be taken against the staff not doing its duty properly. “Al-Hamdollillah, we are VIPs, and will be given due protocol,” he said.

On Wednesday, the MPAs were also requested to use vehicle number plates instead of just using ‘MPA’ or ‘Lion’ or Taranga in place of registration numbers. This was also ‘suggested’ to members during the 9th session as well, but it is continuing to date.

The House also took up two Call Attention Notices, four Adjournment Motions and six Privilege Motions. Out of the latter, two were from the main opposition bench MPAs, who demanded of the government to present long-due annual reports of the Punjab Development of Cities Act, 1976 and the Principles Policy.

Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan appreciated Opposition’s demand and requested the Chair for pending the Motions till the reports were submitted.

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