Wednesday, June 10

Terrorists to be exposed to media

The Punjab government on Monday fixed Rs 17 million as head money of 10 terrorists suspected to be involved in the terrorist attacks in various parts of the province.

On the other hand, the Federal Government, through its new policy, has issued instructions to the provinces for bringing the captured terrorists to the media.
From among the terrorists, four belong to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and the Northern Areas. This figure is leading among the 10 mentioned in the list, issued by the Home Department.

From the Punjab, district Sargodha lead the rest of the province with three terrorists named for the head money, while Lahore, Rawalpindi and Sheikhupura districts have one each terrorist belonging to these regions.

Seven of the terrorists carry Rs 2 million as head money, while the rest have been tagged worth Rs 1 million each.

Moreover, the reward is divided into two categories, that is, for transmitting information leading to their arrests or getting them killed.

The list of these terrorists has been given to the law enforcement agencies, including the Police.

The list carries names from across the country, while most of them are from the Punjab. Ikram Ullah from North Waziristan, Abdullah alias Saddam, Faiz Muhammad and Abdul Rehman alias Noman from Akhora Khattak carry head money of Rs 2 million each, while district Sargodha’s Haroon alias Iyas and Muhammad Tayyab carry a prize of Rs 2 million either for arresting them alive or dead.

Rs 2 million have been fixed as head money for Nafees-ur-Rehman of district Rawalpindi, while Rs 1 million has been figured for Abdul Hameed Wattoo of Sheikhupura.
On the other hand, for Saeed from Sargodha and Imran Khalil from Lahore, Rs 1 million each would be given as a reward for their arrests.

Source seeking strict anonymity have confided that these men were involved in aiding and supporting the terrorist through divergent means, when they carried attacks in different parts of the province, especially three attacks in Lahore, that is, March 3 (the Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked near Liberty Chowk, March 30 (the Manawan Police Training Centre was struck and put under siege by the terrorists) and the most recent one is that of the suicide attack on May 27 at the Police Emergency Response Centre 15, and the office of the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence). “These three attacks had actually shaken the very basis of the ‘protectionist policy’ of the provincial government and the law enforcement agencies, especially the police, which is supposed to act as the first deterrent against any such attacks. Now a well-coordinated effort is required at every level, including the ordinary people, so that these people with nefarious designs, especially from the Punjab, could be apprehended or killed in order to tear down the network of the terrorist, which will be the first step towards obstructing the terrorists’ attacks,” observed the source.

Moreover, to create a well-coordinated effort between the Centre and the four provinces at curbing the terrorism, as per the instructions of the Federal Government, the provinces have been asked to bring the apprehended terrorist to the media so that the masses could be given details about their future plans and their track-record, simultaneously exposing them to the people.

The Interior Ministry has written a letter to the Police and other law enforcement agencies in this regard. “The aim is to expose the nefarious designs of the terrorist, bring to fore the people associated with them and supporting them, and describe how other countries are funding them,” confided the source, seeking anonymity.

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