Saturday, October 17

US sponsoring TV channels of Pakistan?

News Channel has never been a profitable venture anywhere in the world so Pakistan is no exception. BBC, CNN, Sky, NBC all are recipients of public funding allocated in their budget in black and white.
In US population is 300 million and news channels are only three. In Pakistan, population is less than 200 million and news channels are 27 (operational). Is this equation justifiable?
Isn't this move to create chaos?
US is openly funding these channels under the Media Bill passed in 2004.
The rates are as follows:
National language channel $ 24 million
Regional language Channels $ 28 million (For creating more regional thinking and myopic approach;) and
English news channel $ 18 million (to discourage from entering into international arena).
So the enterprises are receiving these amounts directly other than special assignments. Like MSR received $ 500 million for getting open the Pak India Trade. And Dr Shahid Masood tried to digest $ 16 million for giving air times to Jews and Christians on Pakistan media and later the distribution of these funds ended up in ending his job with ARY.
Therefore lust of money is there but one should keep in mind that who is waving the strings from back.
(The above-mentioned) information is according to an unofficial source, whose credibility is yet to be ascertained. )