Wednesday, March 24

Moods swings and weather changes

This part of world seems to an island of hell during the summers. The capacity of working people goes down, while everyone seemed to be annoyed.
Consequently, one tries to reach the conclusion that the mood swings are directly proportional to the weather changes. This is further augmented by the fact that the government has miserably failed in providing electricity to the people, who are virtually the greatest sufferers because of this. You are neither certain when power outage will begin, nor when the electricity will be restored.
Perhaps, the US will ‘allow’ us to have civil nuke energy utilisation, and it would be certainly a welcome thing here provided the Pakistani government remains sincere. Otherwise, this nation will certainly become an ‘angry’ one.
Till then……..Bravo Pakistanis…. You are great that you entertain yourselves by thinking about democratic, modern and prosperous Pakistan.

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