Tuesday, October 12

Karbala Gamay Shah tragedy goes amiss

Opposition Leader at the Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheeruddin on Thursday was absent from the House when an important Call Attention Notice about Karbala Gamay Shah tragedy was to be discussed, and the Treasury-cum-government would have been grilled since the latter – seeing its failure in curtailing acts of terrorism – has already transferred Secretary Home Department and AIG (Vigilance) police.
Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan simply apologised to the ‘Chief Minister-in-waiting’ since the time for attending to the Call Attention Notices had lapsed. “The mover should be present on the Floor,” added the Speaker. The second Notice was also of the Opposition member Muhammad Shafique Khan regarding looting of a passenger bus on the Multan Road near Jumber, but he was also absent like his leader, and was meted out the same treatment by the Treasury.
Opposition member Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari’s request for pending the Notices was not entertained when Minister Law Rana Sanaullah mentioned that it would be a violation of rules of the Assembly.
Ch Zaheer’s Notice had raised three important questions. The govt was quizzed, firstly about its failure in making foolproof arrangements for a short route despite prior information; secondly, on-duty sleeping cops in a mosque and punishment handed down to the officers and officials found indulgent in recklessness.
Later, Rana Sana, while responding to an Adjournment Motion about the theft of ‘Naalain Mubarak’ from the Badshahi Mosque, told the House that a special team was probing the matter, and members would be informed about it.

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