Friday, October 22

'PPP must not use PA for settling personal scores'

Suggesting PPP to use other platforms for rebutting allegations, Minister Law Rana Sanaullah has averred no single individual can bestow upon himself the tag of ‘Champion of Democracy’ since all, especially the media, have played an important for the restoration of democracy.
Speaking at the Assembly on Thursday, Rana Sana said the PPP should respond to all questions, and avoid using ‘the august house’ for its vested interests.
Earlier, PPP’ Shaukat Mahmood Basra interrupted smooth proceedings after the Question-Hour, when on a Point of Order, he drew the attention of the House towards what he claimed misreporting by a newspaper. “Neither, we wanted to bring a resolution nor the press gallery had boycotted the proceedings,” he asserted. His Party’s MPA Azma Zahid Bokhari said her name was mentioned for bringing a resolution, but there was nothing of the sort on the agenda. “In 1997-98, an action was taken by the then Nawaz Sharif government against the same media group, since the group had not paid the outstanding taxes. Instead of clearing the dues, the group was hatching conspiracies against the government. I am not against accountability, but it should be done on merit and nobody should be exempted,” he maintained.
Rana Sana replied that if the PPP legislator had any complaint against media, then he should use the proper forum of a special committee, headed by Minister Finance Tanvir Ashraf Kaira. “The PPP should settle its scores at some other place, instead of using this House for its vested interests. If the Party wanted to talk about all issues, then it must respond to 18 questions as well,” he said, while never mentioning the questions.
Basra asserted that law minister should not get his name enlisted among those who were making attempts at derailing democracy.
PML-N’s Syed Zaeem Qadri came to Rana’s defence, and asked the Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan to expunge Basra’s statement. He named Rana Sana as ‘Mujahid-e-Jamhooriat’ (Soldier of Democracy).
However, this debate came to a sudden halt when the Deputy Speaker at once picked up Call Attention Notice to discuss.
Later, Opposition Leader Ch Zaheeruddin drew the attention of the House to the inconclusive general discussions relief and rehabilitation of flood victims, price hike of commodities and law and order.

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