Monday, November 29

9.4 pc increase in child sexual abuse cases

A total of 2,012 reported cases of child sexual abuse were recorded from all over Pakistan, which showed 9.4 per cent increase as compared to the previous year, which means that approximately 3.3 children were sexually abused per day, says a report.
The Punjab – with the largest population – has topped the list by reporting majority 62 per cent, followed by Sindh 28 pc, Islamabad 7pc, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa 1.5pc, Balochistan 1pc and the Azad Jammu Kashmir 0.5pc.The rural-urban divide of the cases showed about 63pc cases occurred in rural areas and 37pc cases among the urban population.
According to report compiled by a non-governmental organisation Sahil, as many as 81pc of the reported cases of CSA were registered with the police, whereas 6pc cases were unregistered and the status of 13pc was not mentioned. The identification of 70pc victims was revealed by printing names (63pc) and pictures (7pc) in the newspapers, whereas the identification of 30pc victims was not revealed.
Child sexual abuse of both boys and girls is practiced across class, caste, ethnicity and religion. Unfortunately, it is often inflicted by the very people who are charged with their care and safety. This is one of the reasons why this issue is so complex to deal with and makes it even more difficult to eliminate. Sexual abuse of children is cloaked in silence and is often pushed into the deep and dark corners of our homes and minds, left unattended and untreated.
All forms of abuse and exploitation of children violate their right to survival, development, protection and participation as the child is coerced, deceived into abuse and exploitation, upheld by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) to which Pakistan is also a signatory among 140 countries.
As per the report, prepared by a non-governmental organisation, the sex-wise distribution of data also presents recognised results, and the findings showed that 6800 girls and 32 pc boys were victims of sexual abuse.
Among the crime categories, abduction cases top the list of sexual abuse crimes against children with about 4100 cases. The second highest crime category was that of rape and sodomy with as many as 2800 cases of both girls and boys taking place. Gang rape and gang sodomy was the third highest category of crime with 15 pc cases taking place. The fourth highest crime category was that of attempted rape/sodomy with 9.5 pc cases. A total of 6 pc children were murdered after being sexually assaulted, whereas 0.5 pc cases were of those children who were murdered in an attempt of sexual assault.
The results from the data of 2009 show that a total of 4,222 abusers were involved in abusing 2012 children. The type of abusers with the highest percentage was that of acquaintances 3,431 (81pc), the second highest percentage was that of strangers 663 (15.50pc), followed by perpetrators within the family 97 (2.50pc) and almost 31(0.5pc) of the abusers were unidentified in the reported cases.
The most vulnerable age group of children to abuse is that of 11-15 years in which almost 25.5pc cases have taken place, and it is followed by 6-10 years with 16.5pc cases.
The data shows that children were abused almost everywhere from inside home to places outside home with 15pc cases taking place at the abusers’ place and 11pc cases at the victim’s place.
Cases of one time assault were the highest, that is, 54pc; however still about 7 pc of the victims were being abused on a long term basis ranging from one day to more than six months.
This trend is world-wide since a world report of 2008 says an estimated 150 million girls and 73 million boys had experienced rape or other sexual violence, most often by members of their own family.


Ayesha Parvez said...

you shared the statistics only. I wish! if you would have talked about the factors responsible for such social behaviors, it would have been more enlightening for us. Here i wanted to add one thing more, it is not child abuse only which is prevailing in the society very much but homosexuality also especially between the age group of 12 to 16.

Ayesha Parvez said...

so i think that there is a desperate need to discuss and talk about this issue too. hope in future you will........

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