Tuesday, November 16

S&GAD demands Rs 10m from FD

The Services and General Administration Department has requested the Finance Department to release Rs 10.320 million under the head of the payment of training course fee.
This has been done after the Management and Professional Development Department has in turn pleaded for the same from the S&GAD since the MPDD has conducted the training, and the payment had not been made so far.
As per details, the Finance Department is yet to release Rs 4.16m, which was incurred for the training of 40 PMS (ex-PCS/PSS) participants who attended 8-week mandatory training course for promotion from BS-17 to BS-18 at the MPDD from August 12 to October 9 of the current year. The training fee per person was Rs 1,04,000.
Secondly, another batch of 40 PMS (ex-PCS/PSS) officers attended mandatory course for promotion from BS-18 to BS-19 was conducted at the MPDD from August 15 to October 11 this year. Each officer’s training fee was Rs 1,54,00, and the cumulative cost was Rs 6.16m.
“The Finance Department has already made block allocation of Rs 100m for ‘training (domestic) in the current fiscal outlay, but it is yet to release the said amount to the MPDD, which is otherwise a routine matter,” averred an officer, seeking anonymity. According to him, the S&GAD has asked the FD for releasing the training amount out of the block allocation so that the payment could be made to the MPDD.
While reasoning out the delay, an FD officer observed that the FD seemed to have fallen short of money, and the allocation had been spent on other heads. “This is the only plausible reason, which seemed to be reality as well,” added the officer, wished not to be named when he was quizzed about the issue.

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