Wednesday, August 17

Benazir Bhutto... Computer trick?

On December 2, 2007, about 25 days prior to one of the national tragedies of the recent history of Pakistan, I published a picture on of a great leader of the Sub-Continent late Benazir Bhutto. To keep a tap on emotions of BB's followers, it was 'maintained' that a computer-tricked picture has been released of the great lady. As per certain pundits, the religious-cum-political parties and politicians wanted to use the image for gaining political mileage out of it for general elections scheduled to be held on January 7 2008 (then delayed to February 18 after her very unfortunate assassination), like they did in 1988.
However, people from different walks of life commented on the above-mentioned picture, from being very nasty to hugely appreciative. However, bad-ones were digested though bitterly.
Recently I stumbled across another picture of Benazir Bhutto, which substantiated

the fact that the ex-premier of Pakistan was a modern lady, but she kept it to her private life, while she never try to be so both socially in and political arena. Those object must question either themselves about their doings in private or of their leaders.

Here are more pictures of the late leader, who contributed immensely, but history is to still to judge her to the maximum extent.

Great leader, mother and person no more in this world, but she continues to live in our minds and hearts, though yet to be seen for how many more years, decades and...
Now the question is: Why are we as a nation more interested in turning our leaders into the biggest of conservatives, and religious-minded? So far we have already done it by disguising the true personalities under multiple covers, and this process is continuing sans any hindrance. Can we just let them be whatever they are and just judge them on the bar of contribution they make to this nation?
To me she is...A liberal leader marginalised in divergent perspectives!
Lets be true!


Michael said...

Benazir had a very interesting private life. Highly westernized she used to have a demure public image while leading a hedonistic private life.
I read an article about her being a nudist as well as having an affair with multiple partners.

Aurèle Bastien said...

Je n'oublierai jamais cette femme.
Elle était un visiteur de notre club en cap d'agde.
Lors d'une visite en 2004, elle avait le sexe sauvage avec cinq hommes et deux femmes
Benazir était une belle femme avec un corps voluptueux et elle était toujours plein d'énergie sexuelle.
Reste la paix dans une belle.

Charles said...

Monsieur Bastien
Vous dites que Benazir avait orgie de sexe avec des hommes et des femmes à votre club.
Était-elle bisexuelle?
Avez-vous des informations plus?

Patrick said...

Wow Benazir was really a very sexy lady. If she was alive today, she would be the sexiest leader in the world.

Aurèle Bastien said...

Oui Charles
Benazir était bisexuel.
Oui je sais beaucoup de choses sur sa vie sexuelle.

Jenny said...

Some news articles have pointed out sex partying and incest in Benazir Bhutto's family. She was a very weird woman.

Robina Malik said...

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