Friday, August 26

No expansion in Punjab cabinet on cards

Expansion in the Punjab Cabinet is not in the offing since the leading political party is not facing any such urgency to do so, sources confided with TheNation on Wednesday.
“However, the wish-list of MPs is long and they are waiting for such a move, and there has been huge rumour mongering in this regard,” said the source, adding that the PML-N was not in a mood to do so as these days the party was involved more deeply in the Karachi situation, and its leadership was not interested in initiating another subject. “The idea is to keep the status quo till it becomes politically imperative,” he mentioned.
Spokesperson of the Punjab government Senator Pervaiz Rasheed did not offer any comment in this regard, and said he was in Karachi for the last two days, and was not aware of any such situation.

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