Thursday, August 18

Punjab to write to Centre against cops

The Punjab government is in the process of sending a letter to the Centre requesting the latter to take action against senior cops posted in the province for attending the Iftaar-dinner offered by US Consulate General Carmella Conroy.
As per sources, on the advice of the Provincial Police Officer Javed Iqbal the decision has been taken in this regard, and now it is a matter of timing now. “It has been done so because it is only the federal government, which can take action against these cops, while the provincial dispensation can either make them Officers on Special Duty or direct them to report to the Establishment Division,” he mentioned, while asserting that the Punjab could send a report in this regard as well.
The source enlisted Punjab Constabulary Deputy Commandant DIG Khadim Hussain, DIG Training Arif Nawaz, SSP Elite Force Major (retd) Sheharyar, SP VVIP Security Waqas Akram, SSP Headquarters Major (retd) Nasrullah, SP Headquarters Rommel Akram, SSP Sohail Sukhaira and SSP Admin Tariq Abbas Qureshi as the prominent police officers.

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