Saturday, October 2

My cocerns!

I am disturbed when I see the innocent losing their lives in the name of just causes (read ‘unjust’).

By Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary

Our life remains stranded in the wrinkles of happiness, pleasures, successes and pain, troubles and failures. By one yardstick, which can be easily termed as pessimistic approach, we would have been leading a dull, drab and sterile life; but then we would not be justifying our purpose of living here. Issues do remain our constant companions varying in their degrees–from personal to national, and from local to international.
My personal concern has always been to get education from the best institutes. So far I have been very successful in my attempt. But when I see illiterate young kids even in this century, it perturbs me. I will definitely do some thing for them one day. This cause is very close to my heart.
Education is my most precious possession, and I wish to enrich my knowledge through all possible means. Entrance to the higher education will be one of the milestones to my education career. I want to avail every moment of my studies and college ambience for the formation of my personality. I can very well visualise that these days is the formative period and one cannot afford to indulge in laxity of any sort because it can darken his or her future.
The business world of future will be more competitive where we will see more and more women joining their menfolk. In this aggressive business world, women should be better equipped to find a space for them in the already over-crowded city of businessmen. I think my education will be definitely of huge importance.
Secondly, I feel that people do not have true representatives at the local level. For instance, once I needed a document to be only attested by our local Nazim (Head of a Union Council). It took me two days for an attestation. First, those at the helm of affairs were not clueful enough to visualise problems to be faced by the masses and introduced a new system. Moreover, to make it look more important, they have given them certain powerful (read useless) assignments which are creating problems for the public. To me there should be a community centre and a community head in every area, who should be helping people in sorting out their problems.
Thirdly, poverty remains a major issue of our country. No government has done any thing substantial enough to treat this malaise. Now it has become a breeding ground for so many other evils, for example, fundamentalism, law and order situation, ever-increasing cases of suicide, etc.
Fourthly, maintaining peace through out the world is the most important international issue to me. I am disturbed when I see the innocent losing their lives in the name of so many unjust causes, which are being portrayed as the just ones.

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