Tuesday, December 21

Perception is reality!

Bush's win has nothing to do with Pakistan's fashion industry. Probably a far-fetched comparison, but it is not the case certainly. With his stint as the US President to continue for another four years, our moderate-cum-liberal president Gen. Pervez Musharraf is almost certain to stay put in his presidency too; thus giving ‘more years’ (if I am allowed to say) to the fashion industry to grow because of his liberal policies. Though neither any written change was made nor pronounced in any existing decorum, our fashion arena has progressed by leaps and bounds over the past five years. It is hoped that it grows at the same pace at least, and better opportunities are availed by the designers and the concerned lot to expand the fashion sphere, not only within Pakistan rather without the country as well.
This is the last issue of 2004. Numerous changes have already taken place on the fashion pitch during this year and it is anticipated that there are more to follow in 2005. An uphill task–not an impossible one certainly–for the Pakistani designers is to forge their own identity on the international scene. Presently, everyone is working, but in a vacuum; thus without making a substantial improvement. Most of them are in a hurry to make a quick buck without realising the import of hard work and ingenuity.
One finds mishmash of every influence, Indian or Western in particular, in their designs barring few. Though culture and arts are without boundaries, but forging an identity of one's own, is probably the best thing ever to actualise. ‘Confusion’–a design or a designer’s brand in this part of the world–of all hues and colours sans any sensitivity for the indigenous culture and norms is always out of place. There is a dire need to come up with 'our own designs' (in actuality) instead of 'taking inspiration' and owning it. Let’s change the perception before it becomes reality. 'The Eastern Elegance'–our cover of this issue–is certain to be acknowledged–not only the colour rather the approach too in the coming year.
Celebrated painter-cum-writer-cum-filmmaker M.F. Husain was in the City recently. We were lucky to spend a few hours with him during his visit to NCA. A thoroughly composed man, consummate in his art, and eloquent and crispy in his expressions, Mr. Husain must have turned quite a few heads towards him because the younger lot of painters and artists was there to be all ears and eyes.
'Did He plan this?' is one of the most important questions. We wish 'Happy Years ahead'–obviously till they draw their last breaths together–to all those couples, who have either tied knots or are planning. Hope we are of any assistance to them either through articles or fashion pointers.
We have made every possible effort to produce a magazine better than the run-of-the-mill stuff. However, we strongly believe that there is always a room for improvement; and to place ourselves in that top-vacant slot, your suggestions and appreciation will go a long way for us because we want to change certain unacceptable perceptions, which may become realities for the coming generations.

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