Monday, December 27

Unhappy on the Marriage Day!

The human beings are leading a multi-faceted life though a quite a few of them complain to be having run-of-the-mill life circle. Has any body thought of meeting a dear one's death when he reaches home on his marriage day? Probably none as every one is looking for a blessed evening and years ahead! But it happened to my cousin Salah-ud-Din on his marriage day.
He came back with his wife from her parents' home. While they were saying goodbye to the last guest, a sudden hue and cry woke them up from their happiness slumber. It was his nephew Muhammad Akmal who was in critical condition (after a long illness)and his mother wanted him to take the poor chap to the hospital.
Car was useless as he was posted on to a cart. It took them quite a while in reaching the hospital. The Doctor pronounced Akmal dead as he had died on his way to the hospital.
Immediate arrangements were made for Akmal's burial. By half-past-ten, the burial was over and we were coming back to the village in sombre mood.
The most amazing thing was the time duration for the Namaz-e-Janaza and our walk to the graveyard and burial took just an hour. I have never seen such a quick burial in my life. Probably, Akmal's grave was desperately waiting for him!


Shirazi said...

Sad! Sad!

Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary said...

It was really so! But it was heartening to find people around being responsive to the tragedy.

Anonymous said...

See Light Within and answer at Why we Blog?

sweetspirit said...

so sad