Thursday, February 3

A flawed conclusion

An interview with Dawood Ilyas Butt
“If we look in the historical perspective as far Pakistan is concerned, after Jinnah we have never been a sovereign nation in the strict sense of the word. The dramas played at political-economic stage are masterminded by the directors out side Pakistan. The directors carefully picked up actors and played the strings in such a way that the poor masses thought that their concerns were being addressed to and the rot will be eliminated somehow. Of course! these carefully 'elected' and 'selected' actors tried to break the shackles and did some thing on their own, they were soon checked and had to pay the price. Examples are scattered in our history. There is no need to mention names as it will draw a pretty lengthy list. Being an optimist, I have a strong belief that this arm twisting and dictating terms would come to an end soon and Allah's will prevail.
“Croatians were disarmed officially before being killed by the Serbians. The same is applicable here. This country is being forced into de-nuclearisation by some nefarious external elements. Interestingly, the government itself is running disarmament campaigns. Hence, we are losing a deterrence against any land attack followed by air bombing. Present dropping of bombs along the Durand Line within the Pakistani territory is symbolic – the army must be feeling hurt at what happened along the Pak-Afghan border. We should not take it lightly for it is going to breed dire consequences in the long run. At present, sovereignty is a flawed conclusion for Pakistan."
– Prof. Butt is Associate Professor and Advisor Project Faculty of Management Sciences at the Institute of Management and Technology, Lahore.
– By Aamer Waqas Ch

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