Thursday, February 3

No more non-sense!

My experience of being bullied during my school days and how I had to deal with it!

To every action there is an equal reaction' – they say it, but it is never the same for every individual. Some give instantaneous responses, may be far more intense to the 'action', but some play it cool and do not do any thing till limits are crossed. The latter used to be the case with me.
I remember my first bullying when I was in Class-IV. Then a hawkish fellow Zamir Klair, accompanied by his crony docile-when-alone but bullish-in-company Akhtar used to target a student and then followed him everywhere. I was their target of a different sort – being strongly built (considering the age obviously) and liked by my teachers. They could only tease me verbally to which I did not have any answer. (The same is true even today – talking less, doing more.) Distracted, disturbed and fearful – I can visualise that situation even today. As per my habit, never talked about it to my parents and teachers for there was nothing tangible to declare them culprits. Their previous target was my chum and now we could relate to each other. He handled them through his elder brother, who made their parents 'understand'. I was extremely short of words to compete with them. Then came my turn! One day while, I along with my friend Muhammad Khan Cheema, was coming back home, they did the same. I asked Cheema to get hold of Akhtar and I pounced upon Zamir. The first two blows were on his calf bones. He dropped to the ground and the rest continued till I was tired. This worked. The next two years were extremely peaceful and he is still very respectful to me. Obviously not because of that childhood experience!
While I was in matriculation, the second case was of cricket fellow Zafar (playing county cricket these days). It did not take me long to mend fences with him for he was a good-natured fellow deeming that he was the best cricketer of the school. Moreover, our bickering was limited to the game only. Hitting towards the boundary and raising his voice 'go and fetch that boy' – it always made me nervous and never had the same confidence while playing against others though I was not a good player either.
One day, while I was sitting in front of my classroom. He came and sat beside me. He was not feeling well. We started talking and he apologised for his behaviour. He maintained that he did not want to hurt me and was just trying to do 'psychological tricks'. Later, we became good friends and started playing in congenial environment.
I was never a fussy person (they said), but reacted to the 'dangerous' limit when my patience thinned to the last extent. This natural bent of personality gives me an edge in my office – checking my limits of tolerance with colleagues and seniors – then being irritating and obnoxious (varying from 'case-to-case') till I react and they settle down for a few weeks.


Shirazi said...

Thanks for finding time to stop by my site and leavibg your comments. How are you doing? This seem to be the best place to communicate when all else have failed. No?

codeman said...

Hi, Nice site. Thank you for visiting mine as well. You have some very good topics for your posts. I enjoyed this one.

Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary said...

Shirazi and Cody!
Thank you very much for visiting the website!
If one is interested in meeting, at least he should make a move. Blaming others won't take you any where.
I think, Mr. Shirazi, you were supposed to come down.

sweetspirit said...

Hi Aamer
I can relate to this post, as im sure others also can.
Btw thnks 4 logging by my blog also,,tcz

Shirazi said...

Will we ever come out of this "who is supposed to do what"? I think we should. That will give us a chance to have a closer look at life. Go findf out what has been happening to Mr. Shirazi. And when you do, come back. You are always wellcome.

Shirazi said...

What if there waere no blogs. How would people communicate?

Thanks for stoping by and asking. I am improving but only slowly.

Pray, pray.

bhatti said...

gentleman in true sense,goood to read your blog.if i were rich in "angrazi"then we could blog more.anyway "gulshan ka karobar pher bi chalta rahe ga"

Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary said...

Thank you very much for the visit!
Yes definitely! Even if you think you are poor at English, we both can make it look good considering the fact that I am the poorest of all!
Give a try at this!