Saturday, March 12

Death by gluttony

He can't be weighed on any ordinary weighing machine. 32-year-old Shaikh Muhammad Farooq Lateef warns against eating any kind of fast food.

Shaikh Farooq talks about his eating habits:

"I started eating burgers at the age of 8 or 10 from a local eatery. Every bite was taken with a sip of a soft drink. I wanted to eat burgers all the time – in breakfast, lunch and dinner especially. I started gaining weight. Doctor warned me against eating junk food, but I never stopped, as I was a pampered child of my parents. I liked Chinese food, especially drum sticks. Along with this, I kept on eating at least 3-4 burgers every day apart from my usual food. My cold drink in-take kept on increasing, if not constant, with my growing age. A few months back, I drank at least 5-6 bottles a day, which I have now reduced to two recently. Pizza Hut was also my favourite spot and I visited it at least twice a week.
"Bakery items were also my favourite. Ask me what I've not eaten. I preferred restaurants to home-cooked food despite warnings by doctors. I kept on eating roadside burgers till these multinational chains arrived, and I started going there. My favourite party spot used to McDonald's and KFC.
"Now I am not that regular a customer of these chains as these are expensive as compared to roadside burgers. I do go to these new fake brands of FCs, but I am not that frequent a visitor as I used to be. It is because of multiple reasons. Now I strongly feel that I played havoc with my life just for taste only. I am huge now, and having so many diseases because of eating junk food. My marriage ended in divorce.
"Doctors have told me if I will eat junk food, I may die soon, but I can't resist the taste even today. I request all of you not to eat fast food any more. You will invite slow death to you as I have slowly poisoned myself. Take me as an example!


sweetspirit said...

Oh i luv take away or fast food ,not macca's but asian take away yummy.
Btw how are you?

Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary said...

Hi, Thank you very much for visiting my blog! Hope you'll keep on finding some 'readable' and of your interest in future too.
I wish if I could make my blog as colourful as yours!
Take care!