Saturday, March 12

‘Don't make a habit of it’

Food Technologist Muhammad Ahmad says the parents should come up with some sort of check on their kids’ love for junk food

"It is harmful to some extent because of the preparatory methods. It is nutritionally dangerous because more fats are being used, which have so many health hazards. Taking frequent intakes of fast food is definitely dangerous to health. 2-3 times a week is fine.
"As far as the debate of hazardous white meat is concerned, it carries some weight. However, its cooking methods, medium and equipment play an important. For instance, even stainless steel – cooking utensils – can vary in its degree of quality.
"Diet time is always important. Lunch taken in a hurry, late night eating, and too heavy breakfast without any work is dangerous beyond any doubt.
"Making it a trend or a status-symbol is definitely bad for health. Cheese-ridden diet is meant for the west, but our obsession is surely dangerous. Their weather and excursion has no parallel here, and we must keep this thing in mind.
"No doubt, our kids are obsessed with the latest fad of fast food, but the parents should come up with some check on it.
"Our traditional food restaurants should develop better ambience and service to attract consumers by providing better quality to ensure healthy food. If 'fake FCs can come up with comfortable interiors, why not local desi restaurants. They don't have proper seating arrangement, which is sometimes a primary concern of a few especially when one is with his family.
"Remember! Soft drinks have certain health hazards, which are generally ignored by the people. Water is the best solvent and can neutralise food any time and under any circumstances. These drinks cause increased acidity, and sugar-level in the body. These can catalyse digestion, but aftermaths are pretty dangerous."

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