Saturday, March 12

‘Give me bread’

He is more bothered about his meals than the constitutional matters. An avid listener of BBC Urdu Service, MAJU keeps himself abreast with the latest happenings, but cannot differentiate the wrong from the right.

Meraj Din alias Maju has a small roadside puncture shop, and does cleaning of three shops in the morning to earn a few extra bucks. Father of eight kids, Maju is pretty clear about certain issues and assertive in his judgements. He talked reluctantly about the army’s involvement in the domestic affairs as he was apprehensive of being tracked down and arrested. He said: -
"They all are thieves. Take the instance of the recent by-election of NA-127! They did rigging apart from exploiting official resources to the opposition’s disadvantage. (He is considered to be a Jiala by his known people.)
"I don’t know the nitty-gritty of all the issues. My knowledge comes from listening to PTV Khabarnama and BBC Urdu Service. I also ask my customers to read Urdu newspaper to me. I just try to have the knowledge of the events.
"My concerns are neither constitutional nor provincial in any way. I am more interested in earning bread for my kids. If I won’t earn today, I can’t feed my kids. Secondly, my protest and concern won’t make any difference, as it would fall on deaf ears. Who listens to a poor man!
"If I get Rs 50 from any man, it is a great help to my day-to-day living. Full stop! I’m least concerned about happenings both within and without the country. I know nothing about the happenings of Balochistan.
"Have you listened to Pervez Musharraf’s speech at a rally? He has taken this country out of financial crisis. He is doing the right things as compared to our previous leaders. He is good to me as he gave me Rs 20,000 from the Zakat Fund. Both Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Bhutto did not give me any thing.
"What are constitutional rights? I’ve no idea. I want commodity prices to decrease so that I can lead an easy life. I have nothing to do with petrol pricing as I don't have a car."

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