Saturday, March 12

Avoid rigidities

Senator Syed Dilawar Abbas, Chairman Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Current Issues and Future Development of Balochistan

"The just solution of the Balochistan issue is possible only through democratic process by evolving democratic means. Dialogue, debate and commitment on part of the concerned parties, be it the Government or tribal leaders, is required. Only this approach can give the due share to the people of Balochistan.
"There is a parliamentary committee under the chairmanship of ex-Prime Minister Ch Shujaat Hussain, who is well respected all over Pakistan and equally in each of the four provinces. The Committee is fully empowered to give recommendations to the Government. Ch. Shujaat has the capacity to carry the just and right recommendation in the larger interest of Balochistan and the country. The Committee is doing excellent work and has formulated set of proposals after thoroughly deliberating on the concerns of the province and has prepared proposals for their redressal.
"This Government, that came into power after general elections of 2002 and also the previous Government headed by President Musharraf, has not only recognised the injustice and the inequality that was done to the people of Balochistan, but has also done a lot of practical work in the form of initiating mega projects for the up-building of the entire Balochistan and for the betterment of the people living in the province. It will be totally unfair and gross ignorance, if certain quarters in Balochistan say that these projects will have negative impact on the lives and fibre of Balochistan.
"This is no way the right thinking. I am very positive about the clear approach and thinking behind the theme and implementation of the projects, which are beyond doubt very promising for the whole province. There is no assessment of blunders as such; however, yes blunders have been definitely committed by the previous governments over the time period. These primarily include inequitable distribution of income among provinces, ignoring the rights of Balochistan, that no special attention has been given to the needs of the province, including the development work. Once this development has started there, everyone should give way to the materialisation of development projects.
"Baloch nationalists’ main blunder has been their rigid approach and living by their unbreakable will to accept any change in their thinking and surroundings. They must accept these changes for the bright future of the people of Balochistan. Resisting the development projects, under the cover of some hidden motives, is damaging to the cause of improvement.
"The 1973 Constitution is there for the country and if there is a need to change it for the betterment of the country, then it should be amended; and also in case the issues remain unresolved by implementation of existing provisions of the Constitution.
"To start with, these amendments should be Balochistan specific as there is always a greater resentment shown from Balochistan. However, the grievances of other provinces need to be settled, but at a later stage."


Anonymous said...

Can they do it? especially when both parties are pretty hardened in their attitudes.

Shirazi said...

Move on man. I keep checking it here????