Friday, April 1

‘Talk to them’

Qazi Waqar Majeed believes that the first option is dialogue to resolve any contentious issue. Stick should follow if one is left with no other option and the desired result is not actualised.
A final year student of Law at a local college Qazi Waqar Majeed is intelligent and articulate fellow, who seems to know everything under the sky and loves to talk about it too. To him dialogue should have been the first option to resolve the contentious issues followed by ‘stick’ if the desired results are not achieved. About the Balochistan issue, he says: -
“In my opinion the only solution of the Balochistan issue is to talk to the Bugti tribe. The Centre and the Tribe should sit face to face and discuss the issues instead of playing the blame game.
“It should be resolved on the basis of give-and-take policy. One of the duties of the elected government is to solve problems of its people. On the other hand, people must abide by the rules. If the Bugtis are facing any problems, they should talk to the government instead of damaging the public property.
“There are some blunders committed by the government. The first one is the royalty issue. I believe that the government has not been paying any royalty to the Balochis since independence. Secondly, the fundamental provincial rights were denied to them. Thirdly, half of Balochistan was not given supply of gas; that is, the producers cannot benefit from the produce. Fourthly, now the government has sent Army to Balochistan to solve the issue. Lastly, one sees less of development work in Balochistan.
“Blunders committed by the Baloch nationalists are: they are continuously hitting the Gas Installations. Secondly, when the government sent their delegation to talk to Baloch nationalists, they refused to talk to them on one pretext or the other.
“If the Gwadar Project goes ahead, there should be ‘No vote right’ for the settlers for the next 25 years. The Centre should control, which it is entitled to in the Constitution.
“There is no need to amend the 1973 Constitution. If there is a dire need to amend the constitution, then those amendments should be for all provinces.”

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